Day trip kit list for sea kayakers

Friends enjoying a kayaking day

Equipment and kit list for day paddles

    • All personal kayaking equipment – including boat, paddles, buoyancy aid and spray deck – unless you have arranged to hire.
    • I can supply kayaks, buoyancy aids, paddles and spraydeck, kayaking dry cag and usually long john wetsuit.
  • To wear:
    – Kayaking trousers and Kayaking jacket if you have them, alternatively thermal trousers/leggings with windproof trousers for over the top.
    – Warm thermal base layer top
    – Fleecey mid layer
    – Kayaking shoes or old trainers/ water shoes or neoprene boots (they will get wet). Please ensure these have a strong sole for walking on slippery rocks and stones on beaches. If you have biggish feet, slimline foowear is better for fitting into the kayak. 
    – A extra-sized windproof jacket to put on at lunchtime. – this is strongly advised in anything other than summer months.
  • To bring:
    – A full change of thermal clothes to go in the kayak (just in case!). Please store these in a dry bag for going into a kayak hatch.
    – Lots of layers to stay warm
    – Water bottle and hot flask
    – Packed lunch
    – High energy snacks / chocolate bars
    – camera (waterproof or in waterproof case)
    – Warm hat
    – Sunhat and suncream and sunglasses
    – Any personal medication (inhaler, etc.)
    – Personal first aid kit – I always take a first aid kit but it doesn’t harm to have your own personal supply of painkillers, anti-histamine, Sea sickness tablets etc.
    – Cash/card just in case we find a coffee shop
     – Towel 

I will supply extra dry bags for clothing, and dry bag or container for your car keys! 

Let me know in advance if you need any additional kit for paddling.