Coaching Collaborations

Working alongside other coaches both experienced and upcoming coaches is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. It is an opportunity to learn, gain another perspective and share feedback. With coaches who works with me on joint trips or on their own with Sea Kayak Alice clients, I have absolute confidence through understanding their experience, approach and personality that they do a fantastic job. I also do freelance work for Glenmore Lodge, the Scottish Canoe Association, and several kayaking events.

Anita Daimond

Anita Daimond

Anita is my go-to co-guide and has been working with me since 2018. She exudes enthusiasm and knowledge for natural coastal ecology and ecosystems. She knows a thing or two about survival strategies of seaweeds. Based in North Wales, running her sea kayaking business she has over 20 years kayaking experience, backed up with Advanced Sea Kayak Leader, Advanced Water Sea Kayak coach, a degree in Environmental Science and Masters in Education.

Kristian Cooper, Orkney based BC Advanced Coach and Sea Kayak Leader, operates 59 Degrees North Sea Kayaking. Kristian is a key figure in the Orkney sea kayaking community helping organise the popular Paddle Orkney symposium.

Kate Duffus

Kate Duffus, one of the most experienced, qualified, adventurous and well travelled sea paddling coaches in the UK.

Russell Henderson is an Edinburgh-based Sea Kayak Coach Award (Moderate Water), Sea Kayak Leader and Sea Kayak Award Provider. A lover of surf environments in kayak and on a board.

Has worked guiding groups around St Kilda, Barra, Harris, North Uist and the Monach Isles and paddled Shetland Greenland.