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Tiderace Pace 17 Tour S

Review of Tiderace Pace 17 Tour S

A review of the Tiderace Pace 17 Tour S, the smaller volume version of the Pace Tour 17 from Tiderace. I’m a smaller female paddler, height 156cm and weight 60kg and was carrying a load of about 20kgs. Taking the Pace 17 Tour out to play I had an opportunity to load up the Tiderace Pace 17 Tour S for… Read more →

Three Forth Bridges Tour

It’s not often you get to paddle under a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Category A listed structure and the biggest infrastructure project in Scotland. That’s what happened when three friends and I paddled under the Forth Bridge, the Forth Road Bridge and The Queensferry Crossing. We made the most of the tide, which carried us from our launch site… Read more →

Scouting locations: Tayvallich

What’s the wind speed and direction? This is the obsession of every sea kayak guide I know. When I first visited Tayvallich, in Argyll to check it out as a potential kayaking destination I was very pleasantly surprised as the area seemed to offer sheltered options no matter what the wind was doing. Tayvallich, pronounced “Tay-vee-al-ich”, is a small village… Read more →