Useful videos for sea kayakers

I like to use examples of good and great practice and useful techniques. These examples make it look easy but they take practice, timely coaching and more practice in increasingly challenging conditions.


Heel hook and deepwater resuce from Gordon Brown.

Self rescues

Myself demoing the re-entry and roll. This is my preferred way to self rescue. 

Cowboy / back deck rescue


Greenland rolling

A demonstration of Greenland Rolling given by Lesley Mackay, assisted by Alan Forsyth filmed on Isle of Bute, Scotland.

Moderate water sea kayak skills

Practicing bracing in breaking waves. A really useful skills is o be able to handle waves coming at you from the side. Practice on smaller waves first with and then without the paddle before moving onto bigger waves.

Fitness and mobility

Kayaking is great for physical health and wellbeing but it also asks a lot from certain parts of the body. I like and use these routines to keep things in working order. First a series of movement for hips mobility and strengthening, then some shoulder mobility.

Hips mobilisation
Hips strengthening