Useful videos for sea kayakers

When I’m coaching I like to use examples of good and great practice and I often refer my clients to these videos showing what I consider good practice, good coaching and useful techniques. These examples make it look easy but they take practice, timely coaching and more practice in increasingly challenging conditions.


Sweep roll

Dave Rossetter from Glenmore Lodge does a three part series running through how to achieve a kayak roll. The clips build through visualisation to exercises without a paddle then with a paddle and into the final roll.


Greenland rolling

A demonstration of Greenland Rolling given by Lesley Mackay, assisted by Alan Forsyth filmed on Isle of Bute, Scotland.


Deep water rescues

Heel hook demo from Gordon Brown.


Self rescues

Myself demoing the re-entry and roll. This is my preferred way to self rescue. 

Cowboy / back deck