Tiderace Sea Kayaks Ambassador

I am an ambassador for Tiderace Sea Kayaks and I have access to kayaks in the range and arrange demos and sales.

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Kayaks available for demo

  • The Tiderace Xceed – four sizes – built on the success of the Xcite, Xplore and Xcape to deliver the next generation of touring kayak.
  • Tiderace Pace 17 Tour and Tour S – the fast performance expedition kayak
  • Pace Action –  short, light, efficient tourer/day tripper that turns into a dynamic play boat 
Tiderace Pace 17 Tour S. Photo credit: Keith Henderson
Tiderace announce the new Xceed – available in 3 sizes

Why I have always paddled Tiderace Sea Kayaks.

For me, it is first and foremost the fit and comfort of the Tiderace cockpit.

With only a thin foam layer on top of a hard plastic seat (the earliest designs didn’t have this foam layer), minimal and firm backrest and slimline thigh braces the cockpit looks a little spartan to the untrained eye. It is certainly not an armchair like you see in some kayaks. But in this lies decades of design expertise and thinking and a commitment to efficient forward paddling posture and connection at key places without adding hinderance. I find it very comfortable for long days in the kayak.

Secondly, closely related to the first, is the sizing. Tiderace make boats for a wide range of physical sizes and I am at the smaller end of the spectrum. I find the Xcape s, Xplore s, Xcite s all to be excellent fits and have paddled them all on both day trips and expeditions. I look forward to getting familiar with the Pace Tour 17 S and Xceed S.

Next, is the quality of the construction. I’ve opted for the stronger hardcore construction, a combination of carbon, kevlar and glass layers for a very build that means I don’t need to worry too much about rocky landings. Gel coat repairs are easy (even for me), the skegs are very simple, reliable and maintainable. The deck fittings are very strong, giving confidence to lifting and carrying over rough ground.

Me and my Tiderace kayaks getting to all sorts of places (click for captions).

For further information please visit Tiderace Sea Kayaks.